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List of Services



Young Men (12 and under)  47+

Young Women (12 and Under)  67+

Men (Short hair)  67+

Men (long hair)   87+

Women (short hair)  87+

Women (long hair)   107+


Curly Haircuts:

Curly Hairstyles (wash and style)   97+

Curly Haircut (Cut and Go. Perfect curls that are ready to cut) 113+

Curly Haircut (returning/including style out)   167+

Curly Haircut (initial including-consultation/haircut/style out)   213+


Coloring Services:

Single Step Coloring Processing   113+

Double Step Coloring Processing 167+

Partial Highlights   203+

All over Highlights   243+

Transformational Color Service   313+

Corrective Coloring   consultation  required


Client Consultation   43+

Cleanse and Style      73+

Hot Tool Styling         43+

Cleanse and Style Package    363+

Single Step Color Process Package 563+

Feel free to text me at (512) 826-4735 with any questions.  Thank you!

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